Dunvipe Group, Kenya Ltd.


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Your I.S. Department
All of Your IT/IS Support Needs Under one Company

Dunvipe is a consulting and service oriented company, intending to fill in the market need for a professional, customer-focused computer company. The company emphasizes service and support to differentiate itself from more price-oriented computer companies.

We realize that, for us to prosper, we need to be flexible and responsive, to delight clients by providing them with what they want, when they want it, and before the competition can offer it. The company achieves this through a solutions approach that is customer-centric, and in which the customer's business objectives enjoy top priority.

We are a fast growing Information Technology firm,which first started in May 2003 in Carrboro, North Carolina, and now with a foot print in the East African Region with offices in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Our Company offers Network Infrastructure Management Services and Information Security. We are highly qualified and experienced professionals with domain knowledge. We provide systems and software solutions relevant to this dynamic information age we exist in.

A briefing session with you ensures that we understand your business structure, current processes and budgetary constraints. This means that the solutions developed will meet daily operational needs while still being aligned to your future growth strategy.

We usually work in 3 ways with you:

1. Project by project basis
2. As a complete outsource IT solution
3. Supplement of your IT department

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